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KU Education is an IELTS Learning and Exam Registration Centre in Jaffna.

The Trainer Profile- Mr.S.Manimaran . A world's renowned technical writer and a Master of Business Administration ,who worked for famous brands like Nokia,Vodafone,O2.Being a Sri Lanka's successful professional blogger, owns plenty of technology blogs and blogs every day !.This is the secret energy behind Mr.S.Manimaran's uptodate English skills.

IELTS trainer S.Manimaran -KU-Jaffna

Mr.S.Manimaran MBA(UK) , B.A (Hons)PGD(MKT)PGD(IT),TESOL- IELTS specialized lecturer .

  • Make sure that you select the right centre ,right people to study from.(don't be amazed about "Free IELTS program for every one " type ads and waste your time)
  • Find out whether your teacher is qualified to teach IELTS techniques ?
  • Does your teacher have enough international exposure and English skills to understand the Native Speaker's attitude and transform it to you.

IELTS is not a course ,it is called "International English Language Testing System" ,an examination .

You should have a manageable knowledge in English in order to follow the IELTS preparation course( if not don't worry, we have special express English classes to upgrade your English knowledge to face the IELTS exam )

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What is IELTS ?
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Academic ? /General

What is ielts in tamil

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Best Platinum awarded IELTS training centre in Jaffna Sri Lanka

KU Education is a Platinum Status English Education Centre in Jaffna.

Over 16 Years of Coaching Experience for ESOL courses

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  How does our IELTS lecturer qualify ?  

Manimaran at Singapore Cloud Computing ConferenceIELTS is not a simple English examination ,it tests your ability to communicate ,your decision making skills,your time management skills,your IQ level and attitude (not declared elsewhere ).Therefore an ordinary school teacher cannot guide you for IELTS ,the teacher should have a wide exposure and good level of above said skills to guide you. Lets us see the proven career record of Mr.S.Manimaran here..

Career Record of Mr.S.Manimaran MBA(UK) B.A(Hons)

  • Director - Knowledge Universe ,Sri Lanka
  • Accounts Manager(UK and Middle East)Apollo Holidays ,Malaysia
  • Course Consultant -Olympia College ,Malaysia
  • Head -IT department -Metropoint College,Johor Bahru,Malaysia
  • Chief Editor -(Read his articles at : www.Teckdiary.com ,www.symbiandreams.com)
  • Author of several books including "A-Z of the Net"
  • Currently working for UK based Mobile Company Online
  • Meet him to know more and be excited about his full career record

A professional ,with relevant academic qualifications and experiences ,just fits in our ideal teaching environment. Mr.S.Manimaran created hundreds of successful IELTS and City and Guilds qualification holders ,because of his art of teaching.
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  IELTS Study Centre of KU - Facilities at KU *** Unlimited extra classes until you achieve the goal on the sole discretion of KU.  
  • Flexible class time arrangements ( We offer Personal classes too)
  • Special time arrangements for Medical Doctors ***
  • Free online study portal(First in North) - Download free e-books for IELTS prepared by KU Edcuation
  • Free study pack with CD-ROM (Past papers ,audio and video aids, 125 model essasys etc..)
  • Many Mock exams (Depends on the need of individuals))
  • Listening lab facilities – Wireless Headphone provided.
  • Medium Sized Class Room /Individual class
  • Unlimited students' essays could be marked with suggestions to write in effective way [Even through email communications]
  • Mock l interviews(Speaking test)will be conducted on individual basis
  • Register for your IELTS exam at KU (All in one place )
  • Authorized and original study materials from Cambridge University and British Council ,used in classes.
  • Online IELTS registration available now for everyone (Immediate seat confirmation )
  • Frequently updated downloadable study materials available at KU's online student Forum.
  • Extra classes without extra charges - [ Note -extra classes are offered for students( who fail to achieve the desired score) within the first 3 months from the first exam attempt on our sole discretion ]
How IELTS(GT/AC) classes are conducted at KU Education ?

Duration :( IELTS standard Package) 18-30 hours of preparation lessons and several mock exams for each module will be conducted(depends on the needs of individuals)before the real test (more training hours can be arranged on case by case basis-We have IELTS-Gold, a package leads to IELTS success from the scratch for those who needs to start from basic English ) [ Note -unlimited extra classes offered until students achieve the desired score-only at KU ]

IELTS AC/GT Class Structure :

Option 1 (Personal Class):[18-30 Hours ) 3 Hrs(1.5 Hrs x2 Classes ) a week and it's about 6 Weeks minimum.(Start at your convenience /4 intakes a month). Class times can be organized according to the convenience of students,classes can be scheduled either on fast track or regular track as per the requirements and capacity of individuals attend the course. (Depends on the availability of time of the lecturer ).

Option 2 :( Group class) : 2 Hrs a class X 3 classes a week(Upto 48 Hours/ 50 Hours) 2 intakes a month.

How to join KU's IELTS preparation class ? :

Take our placement test > go for the suggested programme [IELTS preparation or English course for IELTS]

Placement Test : Candidates will be admitted to the IELTS preparation course based on a placement test [A refundable fee of Rs 500.00 charged,you get the refund when you choose to join one of our preparation/English courses within 7 days from the placement test]

Note : To cater the need of Band Score 7 and above band scores, there are special classes with the normal course fee ,but only at our sole discretion .

Coaching Fee:

  • Group Class : 20,500/= Special offer : 20,000/=(Limited Time) [Group class consists up to 5 students ]
    [ If you join as a group of 3 or more ,your fee would be 18,500/= per head ]***
  • Personal/One to One Training Fee: 25,000/= LKR

*** Click here to download IELTS course brochure in pdf (Printable) | Read KU's Free IELTS Tips

Module Based Learning : You can pickup individual modules to learn if you are good in some already ( Speaking-5,500/= ,writing-10,500/=)for single module (assuming you as an advanced learner - Admission based on placement test ).

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IELTS class room at KU Education ,Jaffna IELTS class room at KU Education ,Jaffna    
IELTS & English VIP class room @ K.U
IELTS & English VIP class room @ K.U
IELTS class room at KU Education ,Jaffna Knowledge Universe Reception    
IELTS - Intro at 1st Session
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IELTS registration Study Learn IELTS in jaffna

How to register for IELTS exam ?[Colombo/Kandy/Jaffna Centers ]

  1. Bring a copy of your passport[last page where your photo is].
  2. Pay the exam fee at our IELTS registration counter
  3. Collect your official IELTS preparation guide book with CD and the invoice from KU.
  4. [Students from outstation also can register by sending your passport copy to us via email ,and depositing the money to our bank account - call us for details - 021-3208342]

IELTS Exam Registration: Any individual can ( our students or students from other institutions/any individuals) register for the IELTS exams at our authorized IELTS registration centre in Jaffna for British Council . We accept applications from Monday to Friday (Morning 9.30 AM-4.30 PM)at our IELTS registration counter at No 424 K.K.S Road,Jaffna.

Documents required for IELTS Exam Registration at KU Jaffna:

  • Valid Passport /Photo Copy of the Passport ( the page with your photo and Expiry Date )
  • IELTS Exam Fee : LKR 21,200/= [ British Council's Standard Exam Fee ]
Next IELTS Exam Dates in Jaffna-2016
Modules Registration at
09/01/2016 Academic and General K.U,No 626,K.K.S Road,Jaffna(0777302882)
19/03/2016 Academic and General K.U,No 626,K.K.S Road,Jaffna(0777302882)
19/05/2016 Academic and General K.U,No 626,K.K.S Road,Jaffna(0777302882)
16/07/2016 Academic and General K.U,No 626,K.K.S Road,Jaffna(0777302882)
24/09/2016 Academic and General K.U,No 626,K.K.S Road,Jaffna(0777302882)
29/10/2016 Academic and General K.U,No 626,K.K.S Road,Jaffna(0777302882)

(Island wide IELTS exam dates ) >>>>>>

IELTS test dates in Sri Lanka

K.U,No 626,K.K.S Road,Jaffna(0777302882)

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  • Get assistance in IELTS application process by our experienced staff
  • KU's Online Application process ,makes things move faster and better
  • 1 Free Mock Exam for the IELTS speaking module for those who register at us (only for limited time)
  • Collect our computerized payment slip and appear for the exam without any hassles
  • Free user access to British Council's IELTS study materials online .
  • Free official(From British Council )IELTS guide book for the candidates registered at our centre
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Act now ,Call : 0777302882/0213208342

(Answered only on working hours)


  Knowledge Universe - Trusted partner of British Council ::  
IELTS Lecturer Mr.S.Manimaran and British Council Sri Lanka Country Director MS.Hariet at KU Education,Jaffna
Best IELTS training centre in Jafna-Platinum award to KU by British Council
MS.Harriet Gardner(British Council's Country Examinations Manager)Mr.S.Manimaran and Mr.Amal Kaluthanthrige(Asst Manager,Examinations at KU's IELTS Centre in Jaffna)
Among many other awards ,Knowledge Universe obtained "Platinum Partner "award from British Council for offering highest number of students with highest pass rate.(28.05.2014)

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. IELTS scores are recognised by universities and colleges, employers, immigration authorities and professional bodies. British universities and other centres of education generally require IELTS level 6.0 or higher as evidence of language ability.

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British Council in Jaffna Partnered with KUIELTS has four parts :

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Listening
  4. Speaking

And tested under two modules of your choice :

  1. Academic Module
  2. General Module

Visit us to get a full free demo about IELTS exam ,with prior appointment ! KU wishes you all the best on your success !