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IELTS Academic Reading Techniques

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  • How to Score more than 6.0 for reading ?- First of all ,you should be a constant reader if you like to score 6 and above in the IELTS reading test. ["by doing more and more practice exams ,you won't be able to increase your capabilities ,but by reading news papers,magazines and other publications in English ,you can improve yourself" - Cambridge University ]
  • Key Techniques in IELTS reading test - There are only two techniques suggested to apply in reading test ,namely : Skimming and Scanning .
  • What is 'Skimming' ? - Have you ever heard the term skimmed milk ,I think ,you do . Skimming is getting the essence out of the mixed recourses . You will have to read many paragraphs in IELTS reading test. You have to read as fast as you can (Imagine how do you read a news papers in your mother tongue ]and get the main topic of each paragraph
  • What is 'Scanning' ? - After reading the paragraphs faster ,in a normal phenomena ,you proceed to the questions bellow ,when question needs particular information ,now remember ,in which paragraph you have read something related to,and go over there ,now scan for the particular information in the paragraphs ,you assumed to be.[look at the example] ie: The question is " The main cause of the disaster of Titanic Ship was ,the cheap materials they have used to build the ship " (Tell ,Yes/No/Not given) ,now you proceed to the paragraphs ,where you found the information related to the ship's construction ,and look for the similar words like build,material,low cost,etc . This technique is called scanning . By skimming ,and getting a rough idea of each paragraph ,now you are able to save lot of time ,by not going through all paragraphs again and again .
  • Time is the key - You are required to read three long passages and answer 40 questions within 60 minutes . I have seen ,few of my students who got one or two degrees in English medium ,have taken all 60 minutes to do only 1 passage out of 3 within the given time for the first time . But after training them ,they could be able to do a perfect job. Obviously time is the important factor to be considered.
  • Expand your literary views - Most of the IELTS candidates found difficulties in doing "matching the title with the appropriate paragraphs" . In order to approach this kind of questions ,you should be a person ,who understands the passage and overall message of paragraphs with a literary view ,this cannot be achieved by doing any types of practice rather than reading a lot ,particularly reading stories .
  • Learn the types of questions - There are variety of questions(Summary completion ,title matching ,find the writer's view and say whether the statement given is "Yes-matches with the writer's opinion " or "No- doesn't match " or "Not given-There are no such argument or statement in the passages",and many more other types),you will be asked during the test ,learn the types and understand them clearly,don't confuse the IELTS reading test with your high school or university general English test ,it is very unique. This can be taught by your IELTS coach.
  • Unique tips for unique people - You have to understand that people are unique. So ,that all standard methods cannot be applied on everyone . Therefore at KU we work hard to asses and identify the individual capabilities of the students and suggest unique ,tailor made approaches for everyone . The techniques discussed here are applicable to over 60% of the people ,but not to everyone .
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  • Visit KU's frequently updated IELTS free tips blog :http://kujaffna.blogspot.com/
Visit KU's frequently updated IELT free tips blog :http://kujaffna.blogspot.com/

IELTS Academic Writing Techniques

Writing Task

Academic Writing Task 1(Writing module has two questions) : You will be given a visual element that represents some data, it can be a map,chart ,table or diagram with some information ,and will be asked to write the information you have seen on the image . You have to identify the trends ,important steps ,procedures depends on the the item given to you and write within 150 words (20 minutes)

Eg : The chart bellow illustrates the percentage of men and women in the countries mentioned involved in education in year 2013 .Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

IELTS Academic Writing Task1 model at KU Jaffna

Writing Task 2 - Key Techniques (You have to write an essay within 40 minutes and within 250 words limit for the given topic. )

You have to gather enough points ,discuss them with appropriate examples ,maintain the coherence and cohesion .Paraphrasing is one of the important thing among many there .

Introductory Paragraph : Imagine within given time frame (40 mins) how many paragraphs you can write ? 2 or 3...or 4 ? . It depends on your writing speed,number of points gathered ,how many sentences do you write and how do you paraphrase them etc. Let me tell you how to start writing an introductory paragraph .

Introductory Paragraph of the IELTS academic writing section 2 should have two elements :

1) A general introduction to the topic given.

2) Indication of your opinion on the topic / lead to the following paragraphs .

ie : If your title for the essay is " Some people think that children should begin their formal education at a very early age and should spend most of their time on school studies. Others believe that young children should spend most of their time playing. Compare these two views. Which view do you agree with? Why? "

Introduction : Childhood is the time to start learning essential   skills to live in the world. But  skills to be learnt  ,should be carefully chosen to shape their mind and body. I believe there should be a balance maintained between  studies and play time at this period.

1) The first sentence introduces why studies or learning skills needed for children generally and shows ,you have understood the topic for an extent .

2)Second sentence adds more value to the first ,and explains further,clearly signals the understanding of the topic .

3) Third sentence states how are you going to see this topic ,whether you fully agree or totally disagree or have a balanced view .

What's next in IELTS Task 2 Writing ? - You should know

  1. What is coherence (not only the meaning,learn practical use)how to bring it in your essay ,with practical examples .
  2. How to use the cohesive devices in the literature . What is cohesion ,how to improve it . are there some readymade and quick ways to improve it ?
  3. What are the techniques available to gather points within a short period ? .How many points are sufficient to your expected scores ? .
  4. How to organize paragraphs with points .
  5. How to write an argument ,The steps : points/your opinions > define/clarify >examples>emphasis
  6. How to write the conclusion .
  7. What are the key ares ,IELTS writing test would be marked under ?
  8. And much more things ,Visit KU Education today ,and join us !

Note : Without knowing all this aspects ,an average student can obtain up to 5.5 band score ,but for those whom need Band score 6.0 and above definitely need to pay attention on all above aspects .

At KU Education We have proves to show you that many school leavers have obtained BS 7.0 and above for IELTS Academic writing ,while professionals work in English speaking environment ,and the people did degrees in English medium scored less at the first attempts . This is because of over confidence ,and omitting to learn and practice the rules of essay writing .

At KU we understand IELTS very well and we do understand the students too.

© S.Manimaran MBA(UK),B.A(Hons)
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IELTS Speaking Techniques

How the IELTS speaking test is conducted .

  • Speaking test can last up to 14 minutes .
  • IELTS speaking test has three parts .
  • In the part 1 of IELTS speaking test ,you will have some personal questions .(We have observed that in the recent tests in Sri Lanka ,British council examiners have minimized the personal questions ,but giving more important in the part 2 and part 3 )
  • In the part 2 ,you will be given a cue card(topic card)and you should speak on the given topic on your own. 1 minute shall be given for the preparation and you have to talk about 2 minutes,or until examiner says stop.
  • The part 3 will have another two parts, like some follow up questions on the topic you have spoken on the part 2 ,and examiner will start a new conversation on a new topic ,and there will be some questions and answers session .

Things you have to note - IELTS speaking test.

  • Ignore answering too short.
  • Keep in mind that ,you have to express your English knowledge within the given time period.The more you speak ,the more marks you get.
  • If you are asked "Do you enjoy your job ?" you may answer "Yes" or "No" . Here you have eliminated the chance of assessing you properly by not extending your speech. It is better to answer like " Well,I really didn't like this job at the beginning as I have to be out of the office most of the time ,but later I found ,that I can help a lot of people to uplift their lives through this job,so I love it very much now."
  • To find more visit KU today .
  • KU gives you unlimited speaking tests ,unlimited practice .

Free IELTS Speaking Test by KU Jaffna

IELTS Listening Techniques

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