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KU joins with City and Guilds UK. Knowledge Universe is now one of the City and Guilds approved centre in Jaffna.

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ICT and Soft Skills Development Centre


Certificate in Office Management -Students learning with fun
Certificate in Office Management

This programme is designed to give the most wanted skills in a working environment for fresh candidates. After G.C.E O/L or A/L when a person prepares to enter into the JOB market he or she requires lot of skills to succeed.

Full Fill the Employer's Expectation

As KU works closely with lot of Small and medium size companies , we understand the expectations of an employer ,we provide the required skills development to our students and finally we do the JOB placement.

JOB Placement Guaranteed - it is our challenge

If you are a job seeker with so many paper qualifications and degree ,but got refused at every interviews ,this is the time to think where you went wrong ! . Visit us ,join us today ,it is our duty to make you successful .If you join our 40 hours programme ,we guarantee you a job.

Every employee of the modern working environment should have the following skills ,that we train in Certificate in Office Management .

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Team Sprit
  • Social Grace
  • Business Etiquette
  • Behavioural traits such as attitude, motivation and time management

Our programme is designed by Directors and Senior level Managers of reputed companies ,and reviewed with medical doctors for the needed psychological approach.

Certificate in office management includes 17 modules + Computer Skills for Office(for who have computer knowledge already)

For Employers

If you are an employer ,will you hesitate to appoint a person with above knowledge and skills ? Want a passionate workforce to grow your business ,contact us today !.