Do you like to work with KU - Want to share your knowledge with our students ?

  What are the qualities expected from you as a Teacher ? ..
Note - Please read the guidelines here before applying a job at KU. The guidelines are given here based on our expectations and experience . The guidelines evolve time to time .
  • Provide only the skills /qualifications that you have in your resume(CV) .
  • If you know something a little,don't mention it in your CV.
English Teacher Vacany in Jaffna at KU Education

Current Job Openings :


2)Marketing Executives

3)English Instructor

4)Office Admin

All above jobs excluding marketing executives require good command of English and computing(MS word&Excel +Internet & E-mail) skills . Any job at KU requires high quality of interpersonal skills .

After reading the guidelines here(on your right),if you still feel that you are suitable to work at KU ,then email your resume ,recently taken colour photograph and with a covering letter to : director@kugroup.info

Note -Please don't waste our time by applying without reading our guidelines .

You can mail your resume+recently taken colour photograph and a covering letter to : director@kugroup.info


Before you apply a job at KU - Please read the guidelines below .

A Part Time English Teacher/Instructor at KU Education :

  • Able to talk in Good English .
  • Being a true guide and friend to the students
  • Able to handle computer and computer based systems to teach (Or able to learn it faster)
  • Having good knowledge in using internet to get teaching resources
  • Posses good presentation skills / using MS power point
  • Being vocally nice /smart /being kind with the students
  • Works to archive the goals - let the students reach the expected English standards with proven track records .
  • Passionate about doing social service /helping needy people/and train those things to the students .
  • Taking part in KU's social service activities with students .

It is better to have the following attitudes and skills (General Guide)

How well do you get along with people and influence others?

  • Resolving conflict
  • Coping with difficult people
  • Influencing co-workers
  • Working in a team
  • Flexibility, adaptability

How do you cope with stress and disappointment?

  • Missing deadlines
  • Getting criticized
  • Dealing with demanding customers
  • Offering creative solutions for the problems at organizational level.

Do you have the skills you say you do, to do the job?

  • Technical abilities and knowledge of systems
  • Product knowledge
  • Sales and marketing abilities/knowledge
  • Service, management, organizational skills

Note : At KU ,we don't just value the academic qualifications like G.C.E O/L or G.C.E A/L ,and the Degrees irreverent for the post applied. We value above mentioned skills and knowledge . We honor CIMA-UK,CIM-UK,SLIM-LK,and alike professional qualifications that have theory as well as practical training for the candidates.

Sample Interview Questions :

Just go through the sample interview questions given here ,and if you think that you are capable of facing such questions ,you may apply for the jobs advertised at KU. Before appearing for an interview please do a home work to know more about KU and the working culture we have here via our web site.

1)What are the main products and services available at KU ?

2)If you are given a chance to renovate our English Training Unit ,what sort of changes would you do ?(For teachers )

3)How would you find the dollar rate against Sri Lankan rupees using technology ?(Your IT skill update)

4)Knowledge in English and Teaching techniques will be tested using a mock lecture

5)What was the most difficult situation,that you have faced in your previous job ?

6)And some more questions related to the job you apply for .

You can apply a job by clicking the link below ,please keep ready of your latest CV in MS Word format,Colour photograph as a jpg file.

Apply a job in Jaffna KU

Apply a Job online at KU Via Jaffnaonline.info now


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