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Diploma in Psychology | Counseling Psychology | Certificate and Preliminary Certificate
A program specially designed for today's needs
Diploma in Psychology in Jaffna KU

For Whom ?

  • O/L or A/Al Students
  • Corporate Sector Employees
  • Who are already employed in the Field of psychology
  • Managerial level staff
  • People working with people everyday
  • People who needs care
  • Any individual ,interested in mind reading and application of psychology in daily life
  • Anyone who likes to succeed in their life and career

Age Limit : Above 18 Yrs.

Entry Requirements : Student has to face an interview / pass an assessment test (just tests the ability of learning ,no general knowledge or aptitude test )

Note : No O/L or A/L qualifications needed .

Course Structure : Level 1 Certificate-3 months ,Level 2 Certificate -3 months

Diploma offered on successful completion of Level1 and Level2 . Certificate in Psychology offered for each levels.

Fee : Rs 22,500/= each Level and Rs 43500/= for the complete Diploma on a one shot payment.

New ! (2022) Start learning from basics !

Preliminary Certificate in Counseling Psychology

  • This is your key to the world of Psychology and Counseling
  • Small investment
  • Online classes
  • Internship and employment opportunities
  • A Preliminary Certificate in Counseling Psychology leads to Diploma and degree in Psychology
  • Click here to download Preliminary Certificate in Counseling Psychology course brochure
  • Next Intake : 09 October 2022
  • This Counseling Psychology Course is designed and delivered by Northern Psychological Research Institute [ NPRI web]

Diploma in Psychology

  • Introduction and the historical development of general psychology and its schools of thought
  • Introduction to applied psychology and its various branches
  • A brief study of the biological foundations of human behaviour (bio-psychology)
  • Elements of Child development and psychology
  • An overview of Developmental psychology
  • Personality psychology theories
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Psychology 1
  • Psychology 2( Personality & Abnormal Psychology)
    Counseling Theories and Methodologies
  • Biological Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Learning and Cognitive Psychology
  • Research Methods in Psychology
  • Supervised Case Analysis and Presentation
  • Abnormal psychology and psychopathology
  • Counseling Psychology and psychotherapy ***
  • Supervised Experimental Research

Develop your personality ,prepare yourself to face the challenges of the business world

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Name and Duration of the Programmes Mode of Study Course Fee
Certificate in Counseling Psychology ( Level 1)- 3 Months Part Time/3 Hrs -week 35,000/=
Certificate in Counseling Psychology (Level 2) - 3 Months Part Time/3 Hrs -week 35,000/=
Diploma in Counseling Psychology (Level 3) - 3 Months Part Time/3 Hrs -week 75,000/= **

Course fee is subject to change without prior notice ** Call us for updated fee structure

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