KU's Education Policy


  Education Policy of Knowledge Universe -Jaffna  

Knowledge Universe is dedicated to produce creative entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka .

Purpose of the education is creating good citizen. Apart form being good ,being resourceful for co human beings is mostly appreciated. Current education system of many Asian countries such as Sri Lanka,India targets creating people with good memorizing skills who will be employed to carry out certain tasks for their living .Rather than producing a good work force ,there are no plans to encourage people who can create their own industry and people who add value to the place they live,in simple terms, system doesn't worry about "Game Changers"

Expected characteristics

At KU we strongly believe that a good education system should be able to produce people with the following characteristics:

  • Empathy and Social grace[Good human values]
  • Creative and independent
  • Self starting capabilities
  • Fitting in a good system smoothly
  • At least respecting creative minds in the industry they work
  • Be ready to learn always and learning always

KU's Lecturers [We are serious about getting the right choice]

In order to have above flavor mixed in our education system, KU has the following principles in recruiting teaching staff

  1. All lecturers at KU Education should posses minimum a bachelor degree or equivalent qualification.
  2. Lecturers posses working knowledge of minimum 2 years in the field they lecture [ a software programmer who posses minimum 2 years software developing experience with a degree only can teach programming subjects at KU Education .
  3. Any teaching staff of KU Education should be IT literate ,should be able to use internet based systems and modern teaching aids independently [a technical assistant will not be provided]
  4. Smart dress code,good manners are important among academics.
  5. Should be social - friendly with students
  6. Should be enthusiastic on the subject they teach and better to be a geek

Teaching Methodology

KU's teaching methods are unique - practical based - mostly passive .


In order to cope with government regulations and other international exam regulations our students have a mixed mode of assessments.

KU's home groomed Programmes mostly eliminate the burden of written exams . Mostly we have - Students' projects (team work) ,presentations and putting the knowledge on practical type assessments .

Board of Education,
Knowledge Universe.

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