Young Entrepreneur of Sri Lanka

  Young Entrepreneur Award -2017 from KU Education ..

Is there an entrepreneur in you ?

KU's Young entreprenuer

"I was thinking of creating my own companies and was dreaming about implementing my own ideas with freedom since my childhood ,so I believed that I could serve better to people and that would lead me to make more money too. Making money is not the sole spirit of entrepreneurial mind ,the achievement is the key . the freedom I have is the satisfying factor,success is the driving force behind people like us failures used to occur but those never stop from moving forward ,failures are like a strict teacher with cane who teaches valuable lessons whether we like or not ."

Entrepreneurs are people ,who love freedom ,who think beyond the limits ,who have a passion towards achievements not money . I have many role models for my career ,but no one touched me like the great Steve Jobs , former C.E.O and Founder of Apple Inc did.

C.E.O ,KU Education.


The Challenge You are required to come up with a simple and unique new business idea ,it can be anything . it can be a service or product . But imagine a small scale of business at the time of starting up.  

The Prize

50,00/= Cash as a gift . up to LKR 200,000/= investment for the project. depends on the financial requirement of the project. A trophy and Appreciation certificate will be given to the selected student(s)  
Benefits Office space ,communication facilities ,support staff (01) would be provided if needed for the successful project (Location - Jaffna)  
Deadline Until we get first 15 proposals (We will update the numbers here )- So send yours now !  
Remarks Students from any part of Sri Lanka can take part in this competition.  
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Eligibility to enter the contest :

  • You should be a Sri Lankan citizen
  • You should be a student(full time/part time)
  • You should not be more than 26 years of age by the time submitting your application
  • Idea should be your own ,original .

How to participate ? - Read on the digital banner (image) above .please note that the Deadline has been marked as undecided as we didn't get enough applications - still we are open for applications (2017)Visit KU Education ,if you need more details . We are happy to help you.


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