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A1 KU Student first class pass

12 Years old ,Passes
Fisrt Class(80% above)


KU achieved "Platinum Award" for IELTS partnership from British Council .

August - 2011

A 18 years student gets through IELTS (Sivaneswaran Lavan)


KU is an IELTS Examination Registration Centre in Jaffna.

Obtained a first class pass in A1 Diploma .Congratulations !

Mrs.Yarlini Rubathas has passed A1 Examination in First Class ! We Congratulate her !

KU's School of English offers City and Guilds' English Qualifications ,IELTS,and other ESOL course. KU specializes in coaching students to face the UK Visa's English requirements ..

KU Charity offers free training and JOB Placement for youth in need. Contact us for more details.

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English for children /kids in Jaffna

Welcome to Knowledge Universe !

Knowledge Universe is an organization for continuous learning and development of professional skills in Sri Lanka. KU has been established and managed by set of professionals with extensive working experience and educational qualifications in various industries overseas . KU offers a wide range of courses and services .

KU® Consists of:

College Corner

New Programmes !

1)Certificate in Business Management

2)Certificate in Office Management

3)Hotel Management Courses

KU has started some more new programmes . Please visit here for more details.

Course Details

.Personality Development Workshops

Degree Programs
Earn a Degree from University of East London Via Legenda University College,Malaysia
MBA/B.sc/B.A ..... " Malaysia is one of the best countries in Asia to Live and Study"
  • Entry Req G.C.E O/L / A/L
  • Free Counseling
  • Free Visa Arrangements
  • Three times cheaper than studying in UK

    All foreign students get a star class accommodation.

    A university located in 200 Acres ,that suits for all your future dreams.
  • Programs offered in a wide scale like ,Degree in Mechanical Engineering,Civil Engineering,Business Management and more

Visit University's Sri Lankan Representative's Office (That's us "KU")today !
Corporate Training

KU is the First Soft Skills Training Centre in Jaffna

" As I worked for the Education Industry overseas for
many years. I have learnt ,that how they develop
skills on un skilled people .Personally benefited
from the training I obtained.

I realized the importance of the continues training
and development of the working forces ,as I got
opportunity to test with my staff in Malaysia.

A frequent Skills Training is re charging your working force.

The empathy I have with my own people made me
to stay and start this in Jaffna

C.E.O and Softskills Trainer
Knowledge Unvierse

Interpersonal Communication Skills
Softskills Training

One Program that suits all of the working forces and employers specially for Jafna based organizations:

Jaffna is mainly affected by the poor quality of labours due to the war: Read this news Item from Lakbima news papaer

"The other side of the coin after peace in the north The Fussy Labour in Jaffna"

Employers :

Have you observed the following characteristics in your workers:

Unprofessional working culture like....

  • Poor Communication Skills
  • Careless
  • Frequent leaves
  • Less productivity
  • Lack of customer care
  • Lack of Responsibility
  • No motivation
  • No Further learning and development

Employees :

Have you ever felt any of the followings ?
  • No JOB satisfaction
  • Insecurity in JOB
  • No enough skills in job
  • getting many memos and scold from bosses

JOB Seekers :


  • Cannot get through interviews even you have so many "certificates" and Paper qualification.
  • You have computer certificates but no immediate working knowledge

"The Expectation of the employer is a productive working force not just a certified human being to fill the chairs."

personality development in jaffna
Click here to findout more - Personality Development

KU has the solution for all of you, a carefully developed and tested Soft Skills training program called Certificate in Office Management (40 Cr hrs/15 hrs lecturers ) shall be an immediate solution. All the training courses are developed to suit international standards as well modified to suit local needs.And we offer customized Soft Skills Training to the organizations. This Programme is created by studying Jaffna Working force carefully for several years!

Soft Skills (Personality Development )Training : KU offers personality development workshops for your staff /human resource . Click here for more info and photo gallery .

Sample of Success
A KU's student(ICT) of Age 14 teaching internet to a School Teacher. KU created a special syllabus to educate kids in IT in 1998 ,and succeeded with 100 over graduated students under age of 16. Our Computer Kids are now doing various degree and higher learning courses . KU is a leader in modern teaching methodologies . Visit us ,you will understand it.
KU has developed its own teaching methodology and serves the students with the perfect mix of traditional and modern teaching methods. Teaching methodology is decided on the attitude of each individual learner .

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